We are passionate about our patients and take pride in providing you with the latest dental technology and education.  We believe that a healthier smile is a happier smile! Getting started as a new patient is easy! 

If you have dental insurance, you will provide us with a copy of your coverage card, including the name of the insurer, group, contract and ID numbers. With this information, we can contact your benefit provider directly and determine what is covered. We accept assignment, meaning that we will send the charges directly to your insurance so that only the co-payment is required. If you don't have coverage, we can offer discounts and payment plans for ongoing treatment plans.

 A dentist or hygienist will go over the questionnaire you filled out earlier.  They make take your blood pressure reading, if necessary.  Afterward, they will make an assessment of your oral health, which will often include prescribed radiographs and intraoral photographs. This will enable us to have a complete picture of your dental needs and options to meet them.